About Men of Sparta

We are Men of Sparta. We are a group of men who are on their purpose to succeed in life. Our focus is simple.

Firstly, become strong mentally.

Secondly, become strong physically.

Thirdly, find purpose and build an empire around it.

Fourthly, become masculine high-value men that women can’t resist.

Men of Sparta is for everyone who wants more from their life. Anyone who wants to become a warrior, a true fighter in this day and age. Aren’t you tired of feeling lonely? Feeling like everything you do is a drop in the ocean?

Alone any man can be beaten, but together… together we become an ocean! We fight shoulder to shoulder to get to our life’s purpose.

Every Spartan has a different purpose, everyone is different, but when we all act as a unit, we combine our strengths we become an Unstoppable Force.

If someone dares to go against us, we transform into an Immovable Object.

Why do you need to become Man of Sparta?

When did you become a man? When you were born? When you slept with a girl? When you moved out of your parent’s home? When you had your first fist fight?
What if you didn’t do any of these, are you still a Man?

These questions bothered me so much growing. I grew up without a father, I had few father figures, but I still longed for a masculine leader to learn from.

I felt like a boy for the longest time, I was searching for the rite of passage into manhood, but I didn’t find it, until…

Until I felt the pain of loss, I fell in love and it didn’t work out. This love was instant and strong.

After I lost her, I felt broken. It took me a year to pick myself back up.

This was the point I felt I became a man. Then I didn’t understand why one day I felt like a boy and the next as a Man…

Until recently, when it hit me. I was PAIN. Yes, the pain set me free.

The passage was that I got over the PAIN and came out stronger on the other side.

I believe every single man has gone through this passage. Need to feel some sort of pain and get over it to become a man.

I want this community to be the first step into that pain, that discomfort. Because when you overcome pain and discomfort once, next time it is easier.

Then even easier time after that, until you don’t feel discomfort anymore.

So what does it take to become a Man of Sparta?

Mental Toughness

You need to develop a strong mind. Mind that helps you in your path. There will be a lot of bumps in this road, so preparing your mind is key.

Discipline. To do hard things when you have zero motivation.

Purpose. To stay on your path even if it hurts at the moment.

Grit. To look long term to achieve your purpose.

Persistence. To have the ability to stick with your goal without chasing “quick fixes” or seeing ANY short term results.

Sacrifice. To have the ability to leave something in an instance that doesn’t serve your purpose.

Consistency. To grind, work until you WIN or you DIE TRYING.

Patience. To fail for years without losing a positive attitude.

Physical Strength

Every man should be a civilized warrior. You need to be able to make the killing blow and have the fortitude to stop.

The stronger you look, the more respect you will get. Women love masculine men, but they don’t care what it took you to get here.

Only other men will appreciate that and will respect you for it. They will look at you as a leader.

When you are healthy, strong, and look good TO YOURSELF. You will feel more focused, confident, and determined to win.

Wealth Building

Anyone who is saying money doesn’t make you happy, either don’t have it or know they will never get it. Take a drive in a brand new Maserati at 214 mph, with a beautiful 20-year-old model from Columbia, and LIE TO ME that this wasn’t the best thing ever.

I know what you are thinking “this is a short-term dopamine rush”. Yes, so this is not why you need to become wealthy.

The main reason you have to become wealthy as a man is that NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO YOU if you don’t. If you want to garner respect from others and be taken seriously, you need CAPITAL.

Other reasons may be security, freedom, and short term fun.

The best way to become rich is to do what you love. Do what you love and you have to work a day in your life… and you will get paid a LOT for it.

You know why? Because when you are on your purpose, you don’t count hours you work, you don’t have-ass it. You do WHAT IT TAKES to get things done.

The problem is people forget they need to make money from their passion. This sometimes may lead to feelings of selling out, but there are many great ways to monetize.

I will go over these in many articles to come, so stay tuned.


We are men, we are programmed to reproduce. Our only biological purpose is to make little copies of ourselves with as many different printers.

But as humans, we are evolved to be more social. That is why social dynamics play a huge role in dating success.

To be good with women, we need to learn to become socially adept.

From short term to long term you need to learn to be REAL. Staying unmoved in the face of adversity. Never changing your purpose for others. Being masculine and having strong opinions.

There are many “techniques”, but if you show these traits, you don’t have to say any pickup lines or tell lies about yourself. You can be open and true and women will LOVE you for it.

Before you dive into deep waters you need to become a man, develop Mental Toughness, become Physically Strong, FIND YOUR PURPOSE, and build your Empire.

This isn’t a hack or trick, it is just becoming the best you can be.

“Luck always follows the lucky and winners always win.”

Make no mistake, you can’t catch them all, but you can get Pikachu and Charizard…

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